Private Therapeutic School Selection

If the American public school system isn't cutting it or you live outside the United States, you are probably ready to send your child to a private therapeutic school. Most likely, you need assistance in choosing the perfect one.

A school's website only tells you part of the story, so it's important to visit them in person for a complete picture. If you can't personally visit a school, I will step in and take your place. Beyond just the school visit, my exclusive 6-step selection strategy saves you time and confusion so you can quickly find and apply to the absolute best school with confidence.


1. Research

After gaining a deep understanding of your child's specific situation during your Open Opportunity Session, I research and compile the top therapeutic schools in America that match up with your child's personal needs.


2. Schedule Tours

Once the schools are narrowed down to the most appropriate options, I schedule a personal tour with each school. These are not open houses or group tours, but one-on-one tours where I have their full attention.



Take A Personal Tour

Be there without moving a muscle. During the tour, I video chat you in so you can see firsthand what I see. You'll get a personal virtual tour (pending their approval). I also speak with admissions and clinical personnel on your behalf, but you can also speak with them directly. Additionally, I'll meet with staff, therapists, classroom teachers and more to get a sense of regular academic and social life on campus. No stone is left unturned as I critically evaluate the school as your advocate.



Receive Photos & Video

Whether or not you tag along to the tour virtually, you will get photos and videos of the school taken during my time there, pending the school's approval. Get an inside look at classrooms, study areas, amenities and more.



Read my evaluation

Based on how well the school meets your child's needs, I provide a formal evaluation with my professional opinion. You'll get a list of pros, cons and additional recommendations or advice so you can move forward confidently.


6. P

repare for admissions

Should you decide to move forward with the school, clarification regarding their admissions process is provided so you have everything you need to secure placement.


For American families

  • Depending on your preferred accommodation, I research day and/or boarding schools in your area or throughout the U.S.

For International Families

  • I research boarding schools that accept international students and provide the appropriate accommodation required

  • I offer services in English only


Private School Search



Price is per school visited and evaluated.

I never receive a commission from any private schools which is how I remain your ultimate unbiased resource.