Best Therapeutic Toys For Special Needs Preschoolers

In the past several months, I have had many parents reach out to me, including the families that I work with in regards to recommendations for “toys” that would be helpful and are available for purchase.  

Although the school may work with your child on certain skills, the key is to be repetitive with ongoing skills as well as the introduction of new skills.  The goal is always to have your child master skills as well as be challenged.   

There are a plethora of items out in the marketplace to choose from however families are at times confused and overwhelmed as to what item or items to choose.  You always want to choose items that will reinforce the skills that your child has a weakness in.  With that said, for the skills that your child has mastered also need to be worked on as well so they do not regress.  Skills that are strong do not have to be addressed as often or at the intensity as the weaker ones, but you should have at least a couple of items in the home to be visited at least once a week.  

When choosing items specific to your child’s needs, take into consideration if the item is age appropriate, addresses the skills needed  with being fun and challenging  (not frustrating). 

Ask yourself: Is it colorful? Can my child maneuver it with their hands, legs, etc?  Will this be something that will attract my child to “play” with so they come back to it again and again?

Realizing how overwhelming this process is, I have decided to have an ongoing series of blog posts that are solely dedicated to presenting you with varying choices along with varying price points.  This post will address therapeutic toys for toddlers.  The next one will address for kindergartners and so on.

Here are some great toys that are advantageous and fun as well:

Just put these in a jar of distilled water overnight for them to expand.  They can also be brought back to their original size.  These can be used to teach colors, counting as well as help fine motor skills.  They are very calming as well. 

The sand is kinetic which means it sticks to each other not to your child.  This set comes with 6 molds and a tray.  It is hypoallergenic as well.  Comes in purple as well.  Great for fine motor skills.

They are firm but squeezable and are great for sensory/tactile stimulation.

Lightweight, Easy Twist Locks, Durable, Portable.  Helps develop arm and leg muscles as well as gross motor skills.

Helps children develop coordination and balance as well as strengthen core muscles.

This is just a sampling of some of the great toys available for your toddler aged child.  

Remember:  when choosing an item for your child, you should go through an internal checklist in your mind to ensure that what you are purchasing checks off everything on your list.  

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